Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

The changing of the seasons means the changing of your wardrobe staples, which can only lead to one thing – shopping trip! At the Elle x H&M Night I attended a few weeks ago, one of the questions was “what’s your uniform?”, the go-to outfit you don when you want to feel empowered. Personally, I love being covered. Give me a turtle neck, a gorgeous coat and killer boots and I’ll be able to achieve (almost) anything. So, take a stroll through what trends, pieces and outfits I’m dying to recreate when the cool change finally comes. All these images have been taken from my Pinterest Style board, so if you like what you see, don’t forget to follow my Pinterest account! If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with the fashion!

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A Sort of Realistic Wishlist

My birthday is approaching and in true wishlist fashion, I’ve gone from wanting nothing at all to customising the writing on a pair of Nikes and seeing if I could ever justify a Chloé bag. From realistic purchases I can make at Mecca Maxima to extravagant “yeah right” items, here’s a bunch of things I’ve been browsing recently, all displayed in a Photoshop collage I had too much fun putting together. Look at all that blush pink, copper and grey goodness! Give this post a “like” if you enjoy it and let’s crack on!

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Makeup Wishlist

It seems like every week a new beauty product is either hitting the shelves, being released online for purchase or being extravagantly revealed on Snapchat to send the Internet into a panic – I’m looking at you, Miss Jenner. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these releases and the online hype can lead to regretful impulse buys. Even worse, it can lead to not much money being left in your beauty bank for something that you actually really want when it comes back in stock. I always have a mental makeup wishlist, but Mecca has recently revealed when it will bring in new products that I’m dying to get my hands on, so I thought I’d do another official “Makeup Wishlist” blog post to help me get organised on what I really want! You can read my one from January here, and I hope you enjoy this updated one!

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Priceline 40% Off Wishlist

Priceline is having their bi-annual 40% off all cosmetics sale on the 6th and 7th of this month, so I thought it’d be interesting to share what I’m hoping to pick up during the sale! I’m actually quite good at holding myself back from buying unnecessary things during these sales, choosing to pick up only a couple things and save all my money for one or two expensive things from Mecca Maxima. 

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Makeup Wishlist

My birthday is fast approaching and while the thought of adulthood is terrifying I’ve just been doing what I always do in a crisis – browsing online at things I can’t afford! Since I know I’ll be able to get myself a thing or two with some birthday money, I’ve been creating quite a hefty Wishlist on and thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what I’m most excited to eventually get my hands on!


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