April Favourites

April turned out to be one of my busiest months yet! In the last few weeks I discovered a bunch of new beauty favourites, celebrated a 21st, two weddings and Easter, hurled over too many university assignments, cried a bit too much over Harry Styles’ solo debut, visited my sister up north and hit a huge blogging milestone! *catches breath* Here are my April Favourites!

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March Favourites

Sandwiched between a very exciting birthday month and an April that’s set to be super eventful, March ended up being a month that both dragged on yet passed in the blink of an eye! March saw me get fully into the swing of university and work, but in between juggling everything I was still able to dabble in some new beauty products, see one of my favourite artists perform live with 60,000 others, meet one of my ultimate blogging/girl boss/life inspirations, get completely absorbed in a bunch of new tv shows and welcome back my queens to the silver screen for a chance to fight it out for the crown. Here are my March Favourites!

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February Favourites

I knew February was going to be a fun month, but it turned into an incredibly eventful one! In 28 days I celebrated my birthday, was showered with so many lovely gifts, added so many new beauty bits to my ever growing collection, created a bunch of posts I was really proud of, was featured on all WordPress Discover platforms, and welcomed a huge amount of new followers to my blog! So much to catch you up on since we last spoke! If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” and let’s crack on with things!

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January Favourites

It’s the 1st of February and I’m getting in early to kick off another year of Monthly Favourites! January was the lazy recharge period we all desperately needed after a hectic holiday season. I’ve gone back to work recently and I actually feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead, so hopefully that mindset stays around for as long as possible! In January I found some new ride or die beauty favourites, finally sat down and watched/read things I’ve been procrastinating for months, hit another blogging milestone, drove two hours to see a sunflower field and felt way more creative than usual! So, let’s crack on with it and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know!

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December Favourites

We’ve made it to the last Monthly Favourites post for 2016! I know I did a big round up of both my beauty and non-materialistic favourites for Blogmas last year (it’s crazy to think of it as ‘last year’) but there were a couple of beauty bits that missed the cut, plus so much in general happened last month. December was full of family, friends, parties, overeating, shopping, presents, musicals, Christmas and New Years! I also achieved a bunch of blogging goals that I’m really proud of, so they deserve a mention as well! I hope you like this post and if you do please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with it! 

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November Favourites | Blogmas Day 1

Welcome to the first day of my 12 Days of Blogmas! Even though I’ve started this new little project within my blog, I couldn’t not post my November Favourites! November was a complete mix of everything — from finishing university classes, to studying for those final exams, to finishing work for the year, to celebrating birthdays, planning blog posts and gearing up for Christmas! So, here is everything I loved, discovered and obsessed over throughout the last month, from matte lipsticks to music to murderers. If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to give it a “like” so I know!

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October Favourites

Since I’m writing my October Favourites a full week into November I’ve completely forgotten all the bad from the last month! Looking back now, all my fears and anxiety surrounding the assessment pieces I had due have been replaced with the amazing memories I made celebrating so many of my friend’s 18ths. I hope you love my October Favourites as much as I do and enjoy this post!

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September Favourites

For a moment I was about to write “wow how is it already October?“, but September was exhausting, stressful and a little fulfilling towards the end, so I’m more than happy to wave it goodbye and welcome in everything October has to offer. I don’t have a giant stack of newly discovered all time favourites – in fact this posts features a, god forbid, repeat favourite – and that’s for two reasons. September gave us Spring and with that comes hay fever and it turns my eyes don’t handle that very well. I put down the eyeshadow palettes and contact lenses and swapped those for my glasses to allow my face to chill out. September also meant I had assessment pieces and due dates coming from every angle, so all things beauty took a bit of a back seat. The theme of this months favourites is definitely quality and not quantity, so I hope you enjoy my September Favourites!

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August Favourites

August was the first month all year that didn’t fly by in the blink of an eye. In fact, I felt like it dragged on for far too long – and that’s not the type of drag that I like. I think August felt so long winded because it was filled with so many highs but also a bunch of existential crisis inducing lows. In August I was finally met with the soul crushing question every university students asks themselves at one point (or many) … “is this actually what I want to do?” I also got the flu (sort of) in August and having to miss work and university was actually terrifying because things move so fast. But those concerns were temporarily soothed when I got to see two of my favourite YouTubers live on stage and my drag queen idols returned to the silver screen for a chance at “rudemption”. These are my August Favourites for 2016!

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July Favourites

Looking back on July, I realise it was one of the best months I had so far this year. This was largely due to the fact I was on university holidays and finally had time to catch up with my friends over delicious brunches and had time to browse over all the makeup in both Mecca and (for the first time ever) Sephora! Due to all the shopping, time and freedom I had over the holiday I got to try out a bunch of new products and discover so many new favourites, so here is my July Favourites for 2016!

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