Limited Edition Mecca Beauty Loop Unboxing

When the Australian Federal Election was happening a few weeks back, Mecca Maxima jumped on the campaign trail and created their own election, calling for all beauty junkies to cast their votes to decide which products were the best of the best. Well, while the final seats in our nation’s political system are still being counted, in makeup land the votes are in and this quarters Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are filled with samples of the winning products! If you’d like to read more Mecca Beauty Loop Unboxing posts, you can find the rest of the series here. Below is what was in my limited edition box and my thoughts on the products, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Mecca Beauty Loop Level 1 Unboxing 2#

It’s Beauty Loop Unboxing time! Beauty Loop Boxes are part of the Mecca Beauty Loop where you get a box of free samples to try from Mecca four times a year, and the second box of the year is here! I’m still on Level 1 has I haven’t bought much from Mecca lately (I’m holding out for all those precious new releases from Too Faced which are apparently going to drop in stores at the end of May!) but I thought I’d show you what’s in the box anyway!

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