Empties, Regrets and Reviews 2

Empties, Regrets and Reviews 2

Over the last few weeks I’ve ended up with quite a decent collection of empty beauty, skincare and haircare products, so I thought now was the perfect time to do another Empties, Regrets and Review post. In this series I briefly review each empty product and decide whether it was regret or if I’ll repurchase it. My most popular post to date on this blog was the first instalment of this series that I wrote back in March, and you can read that post here! So, let’s get on with the empties and I hope you find these mini reviews helpful!

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Empties, Regrets and Reviews

This past week I’ve run out of some beauty and skincare bits and pieces and thought it would be a nice to do a post where I briefly review each empty product and decide if I’ll repurchase them. Is it just me or does everyone else tend to finish a lot of makeup products suddenly at once? I guess that’s maybe due to me buying and trying out a few things all in one go! Whatever the case may be, let’s get on with the reviews!

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