♡ Valentine’s Day Netflix Guide ♡

Romantic candle lit dinners, walks on the beach, getting roses delivered to your door, will I be experiencing any of that this Valentine’s Day? Heck no! I’ll be watching Netflix – without the chill. If those are also your plans for this Tuesday then don’t fear, as I’ve rounded up some of my favourite TV shows and movies on Australian Netflix that you need to get into. This list covers the obvious, such as those classic romantic comedies, but I’ve also thrown in the Netflix Originals that I live for, some classic Australian comedies I’ve been re-watching lately, plus some new shows I’ve recently gotten into! If you enjoy this post, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s jump into it!

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Sunflower Fields + Waterfalls

Last Thursday my family and I made the two hour trip to Willowvale to see the stretching sunflower fields! In the afternoon we even did a quick hike through the mountains and came across the most beautiful waterfall! It was a really lovely way to spend Australia Day as everything from the drive to the fields to the waterfall was so picturesque. Seriously, none of these photos have been edited in any way, they’re just straight from my iPhone 6S. I know this post is a bit of a detour from my usual beauty content, but the photo opportunities were just too gorgeous not to post here! If you enjoy this little photo diary of my day or it inspires to you track down the sunflowers next year, please give this post a “like” so I know!  Continue reading “Sunflower Fields + Waterfalls”

Happy 1st Birthday To My Blog | Blogmas Day 8

Yesterday my baby blog turned one! This time last year I hit “publish” on my first ever post announcing I was starting a blog, and you can read it here! I can’t believe a whole year has passed since! I wanted to write a post to mark the occasion but have been so stuck on what to write about. So, I’ve done a reflection post looking at what I did before blogging, why I enjoy it so much and where I see it going in the future! Give this post a “like” if you enjoy it and let’s crack on, it’s a long one!

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10 Things I Learnt In My First Year Of University

Two days ago I sat my final exam for the year and finished my first ever year of university! Coincidentally, today marks exactly one year since I graduated high school, so I thought today would be the perfect time to write about the things I learnt from my experience at university over the last year! This is half things I learnt, half advice I’d give to anyone starting this new chapter in the near future. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! 

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Balancing Blogging When You’re Busy

It feels slightly premature and ironic to be giving time management advice when I’m ignoring looming university assignments and creeping due dates, yet here we are. Real world responsibilities aside, I think I do a pretty great job sticking to my blogging schedule of posting twice a week while also balancing work, university, family and me time. I haven’t done a “blogger advice” sort of post in a while, so I thought now would be the perfect oppourtunity! My last post was “A Guide To Flatlays” which you can check out as well and I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks on how I stay on top of my blog! 

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Finally Cutting My Hair Short

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’ve dreamt about cutting my hair short for about, mmh, maybe a good year now. I know, it takes me forever to finally make a change. I’m someone who sits on an idea for ages and then randomly will just go and do it. A couple days ago that moment came and I thought I’d do a blog post on it! I hope you enjoy this post and find it to be the final nudge to take the plunge and make a change, whether it be about your hair or something else entirely!

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Get To Know Jessica | Featured Blogger Friday — Clarina

I’m this weeks featured blogger on Clarina Beauty! I love Clarina and her content so much, so it is amazing to see a little post on her blog about me! Follow the link below to see my full interview and learn a little more about me.

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Kikki K Kitty Stationary Haul

The other week I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when someone in Cool Cat Group posted that Kikki K has a new collection out that features the cutest little cat designs! I thought the items were amazing but in the back of my mind just assumed they’d be quite pricey, as other items like planners I’ve eyed off in the past from Kikki K have been around the $50, if not more. So you can imagine my delight when I popped into my nearest Kikki K store and saw that the whole range was really well priced! I picked up my favourite things from the collection and thought today it would be nice to share my thoughts on them!

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What I Got For My 18th Birthday

This week was quite important to me as I turned 18 on Tuesday was lucky enough to spend the day with both my family and friends and had such a wonderful time celebrating! I thought it’d be a nice idea to share with you what presents I got but also to give some massive shout outs and thank you’s to all the lovely people who contributed to my special day!

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Getting Organised For 2016

2016 has well and truly started, and even though most of us are still enjoying the holiday season, I thought it would be nice to share with you the planners and notebooks I intend to use throughout the next year to help me stay organised and on top of everything.


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