Sunflower Fields + Waterfalls

Last Thursday my family and I made the two hour trip to Willowvale to see the stretching sunflower fields! In the afternoon we even did a quick hike through the mountains and came across the most beautiful waterfall! It was a really lovely way to spend Australia Day as everything from the drive to the fields to the waterfall was so picturesque. Seriously, none of these photos have been edited in any way, they’re just straight from my iPhone 6S. I know this post is a bit of a detour from my usual beauty content, but the photo opportunities were just too gorgeous not to post here! If you enjoy this little photo diary of my day or it inspires to you track down the sunflowers next year, please give this post a “like” so I know!  Continue reading “Sunflower Fields + Waterfalls”

Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette | Review, Swatches + Dupes

Personally, in the beauty world, 2016 felt like the year of Kylie Cosmetics and burgundy eyeshadow shades – so it was only a matter of time before Miss Jenner released the ever so popular Kylie Burgundy Kyshadow Palette! Today, I’m finally reviewing it. I asked for this for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive it, so over the past few weeks I’ve been trying it out and I’ve finally settled on an opinion! I have never struggled to review a palette as much as I have with this. I went from wanting it desperately, excitedly using it, having my expectations not exactly matched, then completely loving it again. Below I break down everything from the price to the formula, how I feel about each shade, who I’d recommend this palette to and even mention a few dupes! So, let’s crack on and if you enjoy this review or find it helpful, please give this post a “like” so I know!

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Lip Product Collection + Storage

Who doesn’t love having a snoop at someone else’s makeup collection? Months ago I published a huge “Makeup Collection & Storage” post, but since then the lip product section of my collection has exploded in size. Since I just previously published a huge “Liquid Lipstick Comparison” blog post, it felt only right to create this sort of unofficial sequel where I run through what I own and how I organise it all! So, I hope this post sparks some inspiration for what you’d like to try next, how you might organise your own collection or that it fulfilled your all your snooping needs! If it does, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s crack on!

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Liquid Lipstick Comparison

From finding the absolute exact foundation match in a formula you love to discovering a mascara that ticks every box, there are some makeup products beauty junkies will go to the end of the earth to perfect. One of those is finding the ultimate liquid lipstick. At first I was hesitant to try them, but once I did I fell hard and fast and quickly became a woman possessed, determined to try every formula within grasp in search of the holy grail. This blog post has been in the works since around last September, but only recently I’ve been able to confirm I have a favourite and I’m very happy to stop looking (at least, for a long time). Have a found my favourite formula? Yes! Am I happy about who it’s from? Nope! Keep reading to find out how I think these liquid lipsticks stack up against each other and if you find this post helpful or enjoyable, please give it a “like” so I know! Let’s crack on!

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Disappointing Products

Just like every beauty junkie, certain areas in my makeup collection are graveyards of foundations that don’t match, concealers that crease and matte liquid lipsticks that are definitely not matte. While my blog is full of honest, positive reviews where I rave over the sheer creamy pigmentation of an eyeshadow, with every amazing hit I buy there are definitely some misses. Since I’m slowly cleaning out my makeup collection, I couldn’t pass these items onto another place (i.e. the bin) without sharing why I find them so disappointing. From items that don’t do what they promise to makeup that just doesn’t live up the hype, here are some products that make me go “it’s a no from me.” If you enjoy this post or find it helpful, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s get on with it!

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A Sort of Realistic Wishlist

My birthday is approaching and in true wishlist fashion, I’ve gone from wanting nothing at all to customising the writing on a pair of Nikes and seeing if I could ever justify a Chloé bag. From realistic purchases I can make at Mecca Maxima to extravagant “yeah right” items, here’s a bunch of things I’ve been browsing recently, all displayed in a Photoshop collage I had too much fun putting together. Look at all that blush pink, copper and grey goodness! Give this post a “like” if you enjoy it and let’s crack on!

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How To: Fake Freckles

A makeup trend I’ve been seeing all over Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube is the “fake freckles” trend. One of my 2017 Beauty Goals was to post more tutorials of sorts on my blog, and since I featured this look in my Summer Makeup Picks I thought I’d make a whole “How To” post dedicated to how I created my freckles! YouTube is the best platform for tutorials, but I thought I’d have a crack at showing you what inspired me, who I learnt from, which makeup items I used to create this look and tips on how I think you can make them look more natural! So, I hope you like this little speckled, freckled summer child look and if you do please give this post a “like” so I know! 

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Summer Makeup Picks

The days are longer, the beaches are busy and I’m having breakdowns while trying to get ready because it’s just so freaking hot – Summer is here! I can’t stand this season, my heart belongs to the heavy layers, cold mornings and hot drinks of Autumn and Winter. However, I do like makeup and change what I wear depending on the time of the year. When I think of Summer makeup I think of glowy, sun kissed, bronzed skin, warm eyeshadows and natural colours on the lips. Here are the beauty bits I’ve been wearing these past few weeks, plus some products that I can confirm stay on through the hottest of heatwaves. So, let’s crack on with things and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know!

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December Favourites

We’ve made it to the last Monthly Favourites post for 2016! I know I did a big round up of both my beauty and non-materialistic favourites for Blogmas last year (it’s crazy to think of it as ‘last year’) but there were a couple of beauty bits that missed the cut, plus so much in general happened last month. December was full of family, friends, parties, overeating, shopping, presents, musicals, Christmas and New Years! I also achieved a bunch of blogging goals that I’m really proud of, so they deserve a mention as well! I hope you like this post and if you do please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with it! 

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Beauty + Life Goals 2017

Since the word “resolutions” is always associated with failure and broken promises, this year I’ve opted to create myself some “goals” or reminders for the new year ahead. My mantra is usually something along the lines of “you got this girl, keep doing you”, which has proven successful so far. I’m so happy I can walk into 2017 feeling pretty damn content. I achieved a lot in the three big elements of my life in 2016; university, work and blogging. In 2017 I’m going into my second year of university where I’ve overcome the nervous, first year student moments but haven’t yet reached my final year – a happy medium. I still have my job at my old high school that I got last year which I find so incredibly rewarding. Blogging wise, I had an amazing experience last year with constantly publishing a lot of quality content that I was really proud of. I have so many ideas for blogging this year so hopefully they manifest before the semester starts where my blogging time is reduced! So, I hope you find my beauty and life goals for 2017 interesting or that they spark some inspiration for your own goals! If you do like this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with it!

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