MOTD: 20s Inspired Makeup Look

Last night one of my friends celebrated their 18th with a party where the theme was ‘eras’! I took inspiration from the 1920s for my look and thought it’d be the perfect occasion to start a “Makeup Of The Day” series! I didn’t fully commit to the time period of thin brows and tiny lips and instead just took the oppourtunity to go ultra glam with lots of lashes and highlight! So, I hope you enjoy this post!

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Vampy Makeup Picks For The Spooky Season

Orange decorations are popping up in stores, creepy and cute makeup tutorials are flooding my subscription box, and the house down the road from me was fully decked out as a haunted house by the first of October – Halloween is here! I love this time of the year but funnily enough I’m a scaredy cat through and through, Pretty Little Liars and Scream Queens is as “spooky” as I like to get (however I’m dying to watch Stranger Things when this semester is done!). While I can’t sit through a horror film, I do love makeup and change what I wear depending on the time of the year. Today I’ve picked items I love for their quality, but also for their very appropriate and gothically gorgeous packaging! So, here are my vampy makeup picks for the spooky season!

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ColourPop Haul + First Impressions

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I saw beauty lovers everywhere sharing the same message from ColourPop Cosmetics – “FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!“. If you’re unaware, buying anything from ColourPop and shipping it to a country that isn’t America costs a flat rate of $25 USD, that’s roughly $32.95 AUD to ship an $8 liquid lipstick! Not only that, but that price of shipping increases the more items you buy as it goes up by weight. Long story short, I never bothered to ever consider using, let alone owning, ColourPop products as they just seemed so far away and inaccessible – UNTIL NOW. I whipped up a wishlist and got ready for the promotion to start, and now I can finally share my haul with you! I’m not going in depth with reviews as this is a haul, so you’ll get my first impressions for now and heaps of reviews in the future! I hope you enjoy my haul and let’s get on with it!

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September Favourites

For a moment I was about to write “wow how is it already October?“, but September was exhausting, stressful and a little fulfilling towards the end, so I’m more than happy to wave it goodbye and welcome in everything October has to offer. I don’t have a giant stack of newly discovered all time favourites – in fact this posts features a, god forbid, repeat favourite – and that’s for two reasons. September gave us Spring and with that comes hay fever and it turns my eyes don’t handle that very well. I put down the eyeshadow palettes and contact lenses and swapped those for my glasses to allow my face to chill out. September also meant I had assessment pieces and due dates coming from every angle, so all things beauty took a bit of a back seat. The theme of this months favourites is definitely quality and not quantity, so I hope you enjoy my September Favourites!

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