Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Lipsticks Review

Rimmel London has recently celebrated their 15 year partnership with supermodel Kate Moss by releasing a limited edition collection of her favourite lipstick shades! There are six shades in the range consisting of three of Kate’s favourite reds and three of her favourite nudes. I’m a neutrals gal and the nude collection was right up my alley, so when I saw them half price I jumped at the chance and bought all three! Here are my thoughts on them and I hope you enjoy this review!

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Affordable Makeup Haul

Chemist Warehouse is currently having 50% off all their cosmetics so of course I ran to my closest store and picked up a few things! I only ever buy cheaper makeup when it’s heavily reduced because you can save so much money that way (I saved $63!) and in all honesty full price “affordable” makeup in Australia isn’t actually that cheap! I stocked up on some well loved beauty staples plus nabbed some items I’ve had my eyes on for a while, so I hope you enjoy this haul and that it was a reminder to take advantage of the sale! 

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Makeup Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Own

Whether you’re just starting out in makeup or a self proclaimed beauty junkie, there will always be those ride or die makeup tools everyone should own at some point. I’ve gone back to the basics and gathered up only the essentials I think contribute to the perfect makeup routine and run through how I use them. A lot of these brushes can be used for a variety of things, so I decided to keep it simple and leave the precise brushes, such as a sharp wing liner and petite crease brush, for another day! I recommend all these brushes, however cheaper alternatives with the same sort of brush design would still get the job done! So, let’s jump into it.

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August Favourites

August was the first month all year that didn’t fly by in the blink of an eye. In fact, I felt like it dragged on for far too long – and that’s not the type of drag that I like. I think August felt so long winded because it was filled with so many highs but also a bunch of existential crisis inducing lows. In August I was finally met with the soul crushing question every university students asks themselves at one point (or many) … “is this actually what I want to do?” I also got the flu (sort of) in August and having to miss work and university was actually terrifying because things move so fast. But those concerns were temporarily soothed when I got to see two of my favourite YouTubers live on stage and my drag queen idols returned to the silver screen for a chance at “rudemption”. These are my August Favourites for 2016!

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