Winter Makeup Picks

The weather has turned insanely cold recently here in Australia which means winter is well and truly in full swing! My skin changes with the seasons and therefore requires different products to create different looks, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you what products I’ve been reaching for lately! I did a post like this a little while ago called “Autumn Makeup Picks“, so you can read that too if you’re interested! There are no rules to makeup, I wear whatever shades and tones on any day of the year, but I do feel like certain trends become more popular during different times of the year and right now this is what I feel like is perfect for winter. So, let’s get into it and I hope you enjoy my winter makeup picks!

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Finally Cutting My Hair Short

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’ve dreamt about cutting my hair short for about, mmh, maybe a good year now. I know, it takes me forever to finally make a change. I’m someone who sits on an idea for ages and then randomly will just go and do it. A couple days ago that moment came and I thought I’d do a blog post on it! I hope you enjoy this post and find it to be the final nudge to take the plunge and make a change, whether it be about your hair or something else entirely!

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Treat Yo’ Self Makeup Haul

Throughout the last few months I slaved over assignments, hurdled over weekly quizzes and stumbled through an exam block, all the while keeping my eyes firmly on a light at the end of the tunnel – treating myself with makeup. I actually hate spending my money and feel like every beauty product in Australia is overpriced and not worth it. However, every now and then a sale sign will come up, or something I’ve had my eye on forever is actually in stock, or a highly anticipated eyeshadow palette has finally landed in Australia, and I will gladly treat myself. If you’re someone who struggles to justify buying something, or have worked your butt off in school, university or work so far this year, take this post as a sign it’s time to Treat Yo’ Self in a very Parks & Recreation fashion. Here’s a makeup haul of the things I treated myself to throughout the university semester! 

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Outfit Of The Day: Pink Stripes and Mixed Metals

A few weekends ago I really loved what I wore to my cousins baby shower and I thought it would make a great outfit of the (other) day post! The event was in the afternoon and I didn’t know if it was going to be warm or windy, so I opted for something comfortable and covered but still stylish and girly. I’ve included a photo from the day but also some flatlays, so let’s get into it!

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Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ Palette Review

At the end of last month the incredibly popular, and extremely limited edition, Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette launched in Australia and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it! Well I guess I wasn’t lucky, considering I woke up at 6am and waited 3 hours for Mecca to finally release it online at 9am for me to slam my finger on the “Add To Bag” button as I ran into work. Can you tell I was desperate to add it to my collection? I’ve been using it everyday since it was delivered to my door a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on it! I’m a huge fan of Too Faced as their concepts, packaging and formulas are always exceptional, so if you’d like to read more of my thoughts on their products you can also read my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

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May Favourites

Every time I sit down to write my monthly favourites I always try to start with a phrase that summarise the whole month. May was fast, intense, riddled with due dates and word counts and, frankly, just all round horrendous. Anyway, I’m currently curled up in my doona with only one – yes! just one – thing to study for before I complete my first ever semester of university, so let’s crack on to the monthly favourites.

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L.A. Girl Pro Concealers Review

In my search for the perfect concealer I’ve tried products from brands like Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline and now L.A. Girl. I’ve seen this brand’s concealer (along with the British Collection Lasting Perfection concealer) on YouTube for ages, but since it’s not sold in Australia in stores I never bothered to try it out, until now! In my hunt for affordable colour correcting products I found the entire L.A. Girl range online at Peppermayo, so I picked up one skin toned concealer aimed to “brighten” my under eyes and two colour correcting concealers. I’ve featured these products in both my “April Favourites” and my “Crash Course to Colour Correcting” blog posts, but I’m yet to do a review on them, so here it is!

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